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At MJ Electrical, your satisfaction is our main priority. Since our business started, quality has been our focus. By working with the best materials in the industry and employing the most experienced and meticulous contractors, we are able to deliver solid and long lasting solutions for everyone.

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With a consumer unit upgrade we would first recommend an EICR on the property, to establish if there any issues that we need to deal with first.
There are two main types of consumer units. Split load and RCBO, the main difference is if you have an issue on a split load board , if you have a fault on one circuit, you could potentially lose half, if not, all the power to the property, as the main RCD protecting those circuits would trip, but with the RCBO board the RCD is within the individual circuits, so you only would lose power on that one circuit. This is why, I would always recommend a RCBO board.



There are many reasons why you may want to review your house. If you are unsure, we can do an EICR (electrical inspection) on the property to determine the wiring and accessories, so you can make an informed decision as to the best way to proceed and whether a rewire is indeed necessary, or whether other electrical upgrades could be beneficial instead. On the other hand, re-wiring ensures that you can design the electrics within the house to your specification and you have peace of mind that the installation has been carried out safely and to current electrical wiring regulations.


If you are having an extension, electrical work will be required. We would also need to check that your current fuse board has additional availability for further circuits and that the consumer unit is upto current regulations, for the additional works.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and what electrical work will be required. Sometimes this may mean that we also have to upgrade the main consumer unit. Please contact us today for a free non obligation quotation.

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Here at MJ Electrical we have 15 years of experience at fault finding and pride ourselves on being able to fix your fault, so we can get your power up and running again. Please contact MJ Electrical for assistance with any faults you may have.



We are able to offer EICR tests on domestic and commercial properties.


Here at MJ Electrical we can install new circuits inside and out. Such as cooker supplies, shower supplies, hot tub supplies, garage supplies, lighting and socket circuits.

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We can install EV charge points for a range of electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition to installing EV chargers, we can also assist you in selecting an electric vehicle charging point to meet your specific needs.

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In these modern times with individuals working from home, an internet connection to an outbuilding or new room in the house could be a benefit and we can assist with this. We are also able to assist with CCTV setup for home and businesses. We also regularly install smart doorbells, with experience of makes such as Ring and Nest.

If you’re looking for any of the services mentioned above, give us a call, or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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